Bronze Horn

Grin and Owlbear it

Sark received a letter from the Baron Von Droog which beckoned the party to help one Lord Oreclasp and with several mysterious owlbear attacks that have plagued the town. While flying the crag a elder Red Dragon was spotted and defly avoided by stealthily navigating the crag and setting it down in a bay below to blend in with the surrounding landscape. The party went undetected as they slipped into the surrounding woods and onto a scene most grizzly. A rushed funeral in the dead of night revealed several killed. Davith lead to party to the nearby institution revealing the spot the owlbears had taken several other notable townsfolk including Shin, the high priestess.

On a mission to destroy some owlbears the party carefully tracked the beasts. By some keen detective work uncovered that the tracks seems placed to covered taloned humanoid ones. Along a dried river bed they discovered an owlbear den and several bodies. Sark turned invisible and grabbed the dying shin while Gash blew sneezing powder into the faces of two hulking owlbears. After a brief skirmish the party collected several beaks, eggs, and a Shin's diary.

Passages revealed that Lord was paranoid and angry, and that a legendary Unicorn, Goodberry, could hold the very key to the town's salvation. The party discovered the unicorn in the midst of being hunted down by a pack of bearded devils. After dispatching of the hellions the party was left with more questions than answers…



DungeonMaster_2223 DungeonMaster_2223

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