Garvin "Vigil" Stormgrass

Driving out the darkness


Garvin “Vigil” Stormgrass is a large, imposing figure, with a long white beard and white pony tail. Dark green eyes blaze out from behind his pale gray flesh and rarely does his expression convey anything other than a stoic thoughtful gaze. Light robes cover his chainmail and he is equipped with large armored shoulder pads and heavy fur lined leather boots to accomodate the cold of the mountain climate and difficult terrain of his native lands. He carries a mace and war pick, and always has his vestments, various books and of course his gautlet at the ready.


In training to be a dawncaller, watching over the Goliath camp through the night and warning of danger or fighting off threats when a vision of the Eye of Helm appeared and called me to a divine mission to serve to protect the light from the encroaching dark in all its forms. I’ve adorned my gauntlet with the Eye of Helm to protect me and I’ve come down from the mountains and made me way to Bladefall sensing some gathering darkness in the world.

Garvin "Vigil" Stormgrass

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