Bronze Horn

Defeat of Altair at Bladefall

The Day of the Pyre


The reign of the Altair over Bladefall comes to an end after the intervention of Brodanna and the Boys and the help of the local resistance movement. 

Description of Events

The party landed in the outskirts of town, but noticed the walls were heavily patrolled and they were unable to enter the city without getting noticed. They opted instead to wait until nightfall, and silently flew the crag to the main tower of the city. They were surprised when they met Chadwick Boltair, the king of Bladefall, in the tower. He seemed completely unaware of the situation outside the palace walls, and it quickly became clear he was being controlled by the Altair. He was hospitable to the party and invited them a banquet later that evening. 

With the King's blessing, the party was free to move about the town, until they could figure out how to tackle the problem of the Altair overlords. Despite Jihn's attempt to start a full on war by shooting an Altair with no warning (the party was able to quickly dispatch the two guards and hide their bodies), they made it to the Purple Onion Tavern without further incident. It was here they met the underground movement and hatched a plan.

They would attend the ball, and while there, overthrow the key ranking members of the monarchy and Altair leadership. They would light a fire atop the tower to show they were successful, and this would signify to the people of Bladefall to take to the streets all at once and start the revolution. A bloody battle inside the palace ensued, the party learned that magic users were being forced to summon a demon, and the half-orc Ghash was able to quickly dash up the stairs to light the fire and the revolution was a smashing success. 

After an impassioned speech by Sark, the city was freed and the party were heroes. The momentous event in Bladefall's history became known as The Day of the Pyre

The speech given by Sark Braeburn on The Day of the Pyre


DungeonMaster_2223 SarkBraeburn

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