Bronze Horn

Grin and Owlbear it

Sark received a letter from the Baron Von Droog which beckoned the party to help one Lord Oreclasp and with several mysterious owlbear attacks that have plagued the town. While flying the crag a elder Red Dragon was spotted and defly avoided by stealthily navigating the crag and setting it down in a bay below to blend in with the surrounding landscape. The party went undetected as they slipped into the surrounding woods and onto a scene most grizzly. A rushed funeral in the dead of night revealed several killed. Davith lead to party to the nearby institution revealing the spot the owlbears had taken several other notable townsfolk including Shin, the high priestess.

On a mission to destroy some owlbears the party carefully tracked the beasts. By some keen detective work uncovered that the tracks seems placed to covered taloned humanoid ones. Along a dried river bed they discovered an owlbear den and several bodies. Sark turned invisible and grabbed the dying shin while Gash blew sneezing powder into the faces of two hulking owlbears. After a brief skirmish the party collected several beaks, eggs, and a Shin's diary.

Passages revealed that Lord was paranoid and angry, and that a legendary Unicorn, Goodberry, could hold the very key to the town's salvation. The party discovered the unicorn in the midst of being hunted down by a pack of bearded devils. After dispatching of the hellions the party was left with more questions than answers…


Sea Monsters, Scorpions, and Puzzles

Taken Below Deck

After partying a bit too hard, Brodanna, Ghash, and Milgram found themselves stowed away against their will in the belly of a large ship, chained up, and with an unfamiliar and smelly face next to them. They quickly learned they had been taken captive as sailors to help the notorious pirate lord, Captain Monmouth, in his quest for treasure. Faced with no choice but to comply, they found themselves as makeshift sailors aboard the SS Sweetbriar, headed for the Shepherd's Archipelago. 


But no sooner had they tied up the captain to demand some answers that a beast emerged from the depths, with hatred in its heart, determined to crush the vessel and send all hands on deck to the shivering depths below. A battle raged. The thunder cracked, the lighting flashed, wood splintered, arrows flew. It was a battle of epic proportions. The newcomer to the group proved his worth, controlling the lightning storm, morphing into an octopus, while Milgram repeatedly attacked with his magical means in an attempt to beat back the foul beast. Also, Ghash and Brody did some stuff. 


As the wounded beast slithered back into the depths of Davy Jones Locker, the crew celebrated as the ship sailed on, and told tales of what awaited them on the island. A chest, a portal to another world, one that bestowed a great, but singular, treasure on whoever opened it. They reached the island and set off across into a desert, battled scorpions, and made their way to a temple that had been long forgotten.


Using clues and their wits, they managed to open the crypt and venture inside, where they found a most spooky scary place, one that seemed empty and plain, devoid of smells or decoration, simply carved and hewn rocks, tunnels that twisted and turned and locked doors that led simply nowhere.


But they finally came upon the magical treasure chest and in turn opening it. To some it gifted some amazing booty. To others it was less kind.


They left, found themselves being attacked on the beach by a mysterious group cloaked in grey robes, similar to the carvings and statues in the temple, and returned to the Sweetbriar and made sail for Telduria. Another successful adventure! 

O Brother Where Art Thou
Ocram Family Massacre

Weak Werewolves

Brodie and the boys took the crag to the Isle of the Ancients. They sought a legendary sword told to be held by a wealthy eccentric, the Baron Von Droog who asked for experienced hunters to rid his isle from wolves. The party's keen insights let them know something was amiss. By the time the Baron transformed into a ravenous werewolf Milgram had cast sunlight forcing the werewolves to stick to the shadows. The party shuffled into the Von Droog castle and made off with Kundrok's Bane, a legendary Orc slaying weapon.

Defeat of Altair at Bladefall
The Day of the Pyre


The reign of the Altair over Bladefall comes to an end after the intervention of Brodanna and the Boys and the help of the local resistance movement. 

Description of Events

The party landed in the outskirts of town, but noticed the walls were heavily patrolled and they were unable to enter the city without getting noticed. They opted instead to wait until nightfall, and silently flew the crag to the main tower of the city. They were surprised when they met Chadwick Boltair, the king of Bladefall, in the tower. He seemed completely unaware of the situation outside the palace walls, and it quickly became clear he was being controlled by the Altair. He was hospitable to the party and invited them a banquet later that evening. 

With the King's blessing, the party was free to move about the town, until they could figure out how to tackle the problem of the Altair overlords. Despite Jihn's attempt to start a full on war by shooting an Altair with no warning (the party was able to quickly dispatch the two guards and hide their bodies), they made it to the Purple Onion Tavern without further incident. It was here they met the underground movement and hatched a plan.

They would attend the ball, and while there, overthrow the key ranking members of the monarchy and Altair leadership. They would light a fire atop the tower to show they were successful, and this would signify to the people of Bladefall to take to the streets all at once and start the revolution. A bloody battle inside the palace ensued, the party learned that magic users were being forced to summon a demon, and the half-orc Ghash was able to quickly dash up the stairs to light the fire and the revolution was a smashing success. 

After an impassioned speech by Sark, the city was freed and the party were heroes. The momentous event in Bladefall's history became known as The Day of the Pyre

The speech given by Sark Braeburn on The Day of the Pyre


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